Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dear Lucy- lower eyeliner

Pin-up inspired cat eye with a soft gray liner on lower lid Photo by Scott Stater; Hair by Freida; makeup by Emily Kleinsorge

Dear Lucy, Is lower eyelid eyeliner good for all eye/face types?

thick black lower liner, set with black shadow
Lower eyeliner is a tricky topic. My optometrist tells me to never wear eyeliner on the inside of my eyelid. I would be lying if I told you that I always follow this rule. 

Some people look amazing in tons of eyeliner à la Kim Kardashian or Carrie Underwood. However, be warned - these women wear a TON of makeup. On the days those photos are taken I would guess KK wears 2-3 sets of false lashes. Most women would look clownish with this makeup on a daily basis.  

My mantra is always to have fun and try different things.  Practice with different colors and sizes of lines. Try smudging the liner or blending a shadow over the liner that is a shade lighter.  If you have smaller eyes, try it without top eyeliner and swap black for a lighter shade of liner. I hate silly makeup rules such as "smaller eyes look smaller with eyeliner," or "people with green eyes should only wear (blank) color." These rules are boring, and there are always exceptions, so have fun and see what looks good on YOU!

"Mad men" makeup by Sara Barney, hair by Emily K, photo by Andy
A little more dramatic to bring out her blue eyes

Dear Lucy will be a once a month (or more!) blog post where I answer people’s questions about makeup, hair and other styling conundrums. Wonder what color lipstick you should try for olive skin in the winter? Hoping to have a different hairstyle for the office Christmas party but don’t know what goes with mistletoe? Ask Lucy!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Hair and Makeup at Lucy Skyrocket

Why couldn’t the ghost get the witch pregnant?

Because he had a hollow weenie!!!

Bwaa haaaa haaa haaa!

Halloween is coming so soon and I’m getting pretty excited. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE crazy Halloween costumes. Check out our Gaga inspired Senorita Dia de los Muertos hair and makeup – my friend looked so amazing I never wanted to her to take it off. 

So let’s get this party started! Come on in and get your hair and make up freak on for Halloween! Anything between sexy witch to zombie bride to an Angry Bird and everything in between – I’ve got your Halloween hair and makeup covered.

·        Hair: I don’t think people understand exactly how much fabulousness we can achieve with Halloween hairstyles.
o       The ultimate sophistication: How about a MadMen up do?
o       Halloween costume as performance art? Lady Gaga’s hair bow!
o       A hair horn for your unicorn costume?
o       80’s punk rocker!
o       60’s afro? Got it!
makeup by the awesome Sara Barney; photo by in tandem
o       Working on your maniacal laugh? Let’s get your Cruella Deville hair to match…

·        Makeup:
o       Crazy sparkle lips
o       Fake eyelashes
o       Face bedazzling!! (I promise no grommets are involved!)
o       Blood, blood and more bloody blood
o       Custom fake tattoos
o       Bruises, black eyes and tire tracks

Make an appointment and come on in – let’s make you look awesome!

Plan on bringing in your costume, wig, jewelry, fake blood, fangs, feathers, tiara  - whatever! so I can do it up right. Let’s talk it out before you come in so I know what kind of special supplies we might have to get.

Can’t wait!!

And for our Halloween soundtrack? Check out this Ryan Adams clip and get rockin’:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Prescription lenses on the cheap!

Check out this awesome site where I got new glasses for under $40 including shipping!  I will post pics when my frames are delivered this week.

The pros:
Prescription lenses have never been less expensive
Ordering is quick and easy
Choose from a variety of frames

You can't try the frames on
It can take a few weeks for your new specs to be made and delivered

Friday, February 11, 2011

30 Days to Your Healthiest Hair

Sulfates are detergents used in shampoo among other cleansing agents and are responsible for producing lather in products.   I have heard many claims that Sodium Laureth Sulfate causes cancer.  Though I do not believe that we have any evidence to support the “sulfate as a carcinogen” claim, I do believe that consumers should avoid sulfates.   Please understand my viewpoint is one theory in health and beauty based on my personal experimentation as a hairstylist within my client base.  And I would encourage you to research, and experiment with your own hair and develop your own ideas and processes that work for you and your hair and scalp. 
Sulfate is a detergent that is not necessary for daily use by any means; it can be drying to the hair and scalp and can leave the hair brittle.  Not only does over-washing your hair cause the scalp to be dry and flaky, I have many clients that were washing their hair too often that were experiencing other scalp issues such as the over production of sebum causing their hair to look very oily within hours after shampooing the hair. Check the label on your shampoo and conditioner.  Look for ingredients like: ammonium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate.  These are all sulfates and should be avoided for optimum hair health. 

So, are you ready to have your hair to start working FOR you?  Wouldn’t you love to spend less time styling your hair, waste less time fighting frizz (or avoid the “poofy”ness that most men with shorter hair experience)?! I would like to encourage you to stop looking at shampooing your hair as cleaning your hair.  Sure, shampoo is loaded with surfactants that eliminate oil and product from the surface of the hair and scalp.  However, as you may recall from your high school physics class, a surfactant reduces the surface tension of water, thus aiding you in cleaning your hair.  Without shampoo you CAN clean your hair; it just takes more agitation, a little more elbow grease if you will.  So, if you want to clean your hair without shampoo you need to scrub your scalp much longer in order to remove the dirt and grime from your hair. 

I have had clients that have quit using shampoo all together and the results have been 100% positive. (The only negative feedback I have received is from those who have not been able to stick it out through the initial adjustment period)

I believe in the Curly Girl Method 100%.  It sounds ridiculous, but the changes that I have seen in the overall look and feel of my client’s hair have been a pivotal in changing the focus of my career as a hairstylist, and has challenged what I believed to be the fundamentals of hairstyling.

As Americans we have an obsession with cleanliness.  Though sometimes, I’m not even sure that we understand what clean means.  Some clients tell me that without shampoo or without lather, they do not feel that their hair is clean.  But when you think about it, why is shampoo clean?  Do people think that it is antibacterial?  Also, what do we do to our hair that makes it so dirty?  Many of my clients use working out as an example of something that makes their hair very “dirty”.  But what is perspiration anyway- it’s just water and a little salt.  So, take the hair challenge, if you dare!  Try going 30+ days without using shampoo and see how awesome your hair looks.  Instead, use a conditioner to cleanse your hair.  This method is especially beneficial for curly hair.

  1. Start with very wet hair
  2. Scrub the scalp with a generous amount of conditioner for 2 to 3 minutes as if you were using shampoo BUT use a larger amount of conditioner than you would normally use if it were shampoo. If you add a little water to your hair at this point you can almost create lather.
  3. Rinse
  4. Ring out the excess water from your hair and apply the conditioner from scalp to ends.  Use your fingers to comb the conditioner throughout your hair.  Scrub/agitate your scalp again.  Leave the conditioner on for a minimum of two minutes
  5. Rinse. 

Note that the first application of conditioner is to be used to cleanse the scalp, just like you would cleanse with shampoo.  The second application of conditioner conditions and ensures that you have sufficiently removed all product from your hair. 

I know this sounds time consuming.  However quit using shampoo, I would predict that most hair and scalp issues that you may be experiencing (oily hair, dry scalp, even excessive hair loss) will dissipate or improve drastically during this trial period.  You will also spend less time styling your hair and it will behave better once it is adjusted to this regimen.

If you want to start weaning yourself from the bubbles, know that your hair will take 2-4 weeks to get used to your new regimen.  Find out how to cleanse your hair without shampoo.

Your hair will most likely look worse during these initial weeks, so it is a commitment but the results are totally worth it!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make a Statement with Vibrant Lips

Bright lip color has been trendy for some time now.  From bubblegum pinks to bold purples, the Mad Men inspired sultry crimson lips- you name it, we have seen it.   In the most recent weeks, celebrities have been slathering on the brightest hues of orange; I love it!  But why must bold lip color be limited to the rich and famous?

When doing makeup for clients, they usually ask for a “smoky eye and a nude lip” or sheer lip gloss.  While I think this is sexy and I understand the smoky eye appeal, I don’t believe that it is always the best makeup look for all outfits, occasions, etc.  There are other looks that are more youthful, new and fresh.  And what is more youthful than the latest trend, the red-orange “poppy” lip color?  After all, in order to find a new look that you love, you must go out of your comfort zone and try something new.    

Shades of orange work well with all skin tones, experiment to find what works for you.  Even when you aren’t feeling bold, don your pout with a brilliant shade and experience the ultimate confidence booster. 

Tips to wearing bold lipstick colors:
1. Keep eyes simple.  Mascara is really all you need.  If you feel that you need eyeliner, keep the liner soft and neat.
2.If you love blush like me, avoid looking like a clown.  Use very little blush and bronzer.  If you want to try a red-orange lip it may be appropriate to steer clear of blush all together!
3. Use a lip liner to keep your lipstick from bleeding or feathering.  Experiment with different lip liners to change the look and shade of a lipstick.  Most importantly, blend your liner with your lipstick.  It may help to smudge your liner before slathering your kisser with that awesome new coral lip color. 
4.Lastly, you may use a bit of lipgloss over bold colors if you feel that you need it, but don’t overdo it.  Minimal and simplistic makeup is best with vibrant lips.