Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Hair and Makeup at Lucy Skyrocket

Why couldn’t the ghost get the witch pregnant?

Because he had a hollow weenie!!!

Bwaa haaaa haaa haaa!

Halloween is coming so soon and I’m getting pretty excited. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE crazy Halloween costumes. Check out our Gaga inspired Senorita Dia de los Muertos hair and makeup – my friend looked so amazing I never wanted to her to take it off. 

So let’s get this party started! Come on in and get your hair and make up freak on for Halloween! Anything between sexy witch to zombie bride to an Angry Bird and everything in between – I’ve got your Halloween hair and makeup covered.

·        Hair: I don’t think people understand exactly how much fabulousness we can achieve with Halloween hairstyles.
o       The ultimate sophistication: How about a MadMen up do?
o       Halloween costume as performance art? Lady Gaga’s hair bow!
o       A hair horn for your unicorn costume?
o       80’s punk rocker!
o       60’s afro? Got it!
makeup by the awesome Sara Barney; photo by in tandem
o       Working on your maniacal laugh? Let’s get your Cruella Deville hair to match…

·        Makeup:
o       Crazy sparkle lips
o       Fake eyelashes
o       Face bedazzling!! (I promise no grommets are involved!)
o       Blood, blood and more bloody blood
o       Custom fake tattoos
o       Bruises, black eyes and tire tracks

Make an appointment and come on in – let’s make you look awesome!

Plan on bringing in your costume, wig, jewelry, fake blood, fangs, feathers, tiara  - whatever! so I can do it up right. Let’s talk it out before you come in so I know what kind of special supplies we might have to get.

Can’t wait!!

And for our Halloween soundtrack? Check out this Ryan Adams clip and get rockin’:

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